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2017-2018 Season Preview | Elite Hockey Program

09/27/2017, 1:15pm EDT
By ecel

The Elite Hockey Program comes to the 2017-18 ECEL Season with a lot of expectations at all levels.  Another organization who will bring 3 teams to league weekends (18U,16U,15U), Elite Hockey has done its part in preparation for the upcoming season.  The 18U team, lead by Head Coach Luke Curadi, has some intriguing prospects that will certainly draw the attention of NCAA D1/D3 and high level junior hockey teams. At the 16U level, Matt Vandenberg will lead a team that showcases talent from all over the country, specifically from the Southeastern Region of the United States.  Elite’s 15U team has a deep group of players who the organization is also very excited about.  Head Coach and President of Elite Hockey Peter Alden brings a wealth of experience behind that bench and has proven to be a winner in the past (18U 2015 National Champion). 

“We want to give our teams the coaching and resources that will prepare them for higher levels,” stated 18U Head Coach and Program Director Luke Curadi.  “Peter, Austin (Root,18U Associate HC), Dave (Crandall, 15U Associate HC)  and myself have spent a lot of time and resources in not only putting these teams together, but preparing each player for the hockey season and beyond. The common theme in our locker rooms is that we have a high level of character.  Our kids are mature and hold themselves accountable on and off the ice.  They know that all of their decisions have positive or negative consequences.  As an organization, ECEL has been an unreal staple to our schedule.  The competition in the league is great, the coverage each event gets by College and Junior teams is tremendous. We are beyond excited for this upcoming season for a chance to take our Program to the next level, and part of that process takes place at the first ECEL weekend in Hingham.”


18U Key Returners

Cam Ellis F (2000)*

Halen Cookston F (2000)


18U Key Newcomers

Eric Fisher D (2000)

Troy Daniels D (1999)

Brendan Root D (2000)*

Collin O’Hearn F (2000)

Jin Lee F (2000)*

George McMichael G (2000)*

*denotes 2016-17 ECEL Allstar Game participant

16U Newcomers

Declan Martin F (2001)

Bobby Geier F (2001)

Noah Friedman F (2001)

Eric Hambling D (2002)


15U Key Returners

Chris Donadio D (2002)

Gary Claps F (2002)

Jonathan Horn F (2002)

Mike Roberts G (2002)


15U Key Newcomers

Ben Presley D (2002)

Thomas Filaramo F (2002)

Owen Sweet F (2002)

Nick Golis G (2002)

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